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June 24, 2009: New friends

For now, I'm getting to know my teammates by name and by mail. Besides me, there is one Alcoan in my team, Paul Smelter from Australia, who has introduced himself to the rest of the team by mail (thank you Paul). Aside from this, I have exchanged mail with Claire. This is going to be her fourth Earthwatch project -- incredible. I ask her for advice and she seems to be very much an extrovert. Another teammate, Nicole, has a sister who is working as a (field) researcher in Zimbabwe. She seems to have a lot of energy! Tom, who works at the University of Manchester, had been with Earthwatch in Costa Rica and has sent us a traditional Canadian song that says: "late June in Nova Scotia is the end of the black fly season and the start of the mosquito season." I take it as a recommendation, so I have just bought some bug spray. This is going to be the third Earthwatch trip for Robin and Karrie, a couple from UK. For other teammates, such as Emmeline, this will be their first experience with Earthwatch. I have also read about our Principal Investigators, Cristina and Chris, and they have carried out many research projects about environmental issues working with several institutions. I'm sure that I can learn so much with all of them. I am so excited to start this expedition. Three days to go........and counting!!!

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Yolanda Barba Gutiérrez, casthouse process engineer Avilés smelter, Spain