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Mammals of Nova Scotia

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June 30, 2009: We set our traps

Gutierrez_the_trapper Today was our first visit to the field at Cook´s Lake. It was an incredible experience. Cook’s Lake, a focal area for the project, contains some 134 hectares of mixed coniferous and deciduous woodland, hay meadows, ponds, streams, and wetlands. This woodland has been owned by the family of Principal Investigator Christina Buesching for more than 20 years as a haven for wildlife. At the beginning of the day Christina showed us two skulls, one of cow and another of deer, inside the forest. She explained to us the importance of their antlers for their survival. After that, we went deep into a boggy forest for hours. My wellies were the best purchase that I did before my arrival!!!! In the afternoon, we prepared traps for mammals and we cut grass to put inside them. Each trap cost more than £60, so we'd better not lose any! We placed the traps in the forest and we will return tomorrow to have a look at their occupants!! I hope we will find lots of mice in the morning.

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Yolanda Barba Gutiérrez, casthouse process engineer Avilés smelter, Spain