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Mammals of Nova Scotia

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July 2, 2009: From voles to beavers

Today was a very fun and sunny day. Firstly, we checked our small mammal traps at Cook´s Lake forest. We trapped five voles and two chipmunks! After weighing them, we returned them to the forest, at the same place where we trapped before. Later, we set up camera traps. My team decided to put ours in an area where there were many deer droppings yesterday. Other teams put cameras to film bears, porcupines or more deer. Tomorrow, we can check the film. After having lunch, part of the team looked for field sign transects, especially deer droppings, and the remainder cleaned the path. To finish the day we went to watch beavers in a magic environment. Beautiful ending for a productive day.

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Yolanda Barba Gutiérrez, casthouse process engineer Avilés smelter, Spain