Raymond Glover’s Diary
Tidal Forests of Kenya

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May 1, 2009: Research on the research

I have spent a lot of my spare time in the last few weeks reading up on the expedition. I started by reading the diaries of the previous Alcoa Earthwatch Fellows to gain an insight into their experience on the project, and also of course the expedition briefing. This will be the fifth year of the project at Gazi, and this year's team will be involved in monitoring tree growth and survival rates from previous years along with animal colonization in the plantation areas. We will be planting new plots of trees and will also undertake experiments on carbon sequestration. This information has given me a real feel for the work to be carried out during our time there and how important our work will be at not only a local level for the community at Gazi but hopefully it also at a regional/national level and to the scientific community.

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