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Tidal Forests of Kenya

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June 20, 2009: Fielding questions from everywhere

This week I have spent some time researching contact details for the local press and preparing a short statement with the aim of informing them of my selection as an Alcoa Earthwatch Fellow and the work that will be carried out on the expedition. I have already been contacted by one local newspaper regarding the story and am hopeful that more responses will follow. I have also agreed to write a piece for my community newsletter which is distributed to almost 900 households in the surrounding villages. Interest is also mounting with my colleagues at Kawneer and also my friends and family. I have been fielding questions that range from what work will be done and how the information gained will be used to what sort of accommodation we will be staying in and what sort of food we will be eating. Fortunately the time invested in reading the Earthwatch expedition briefing and the Alcoa Earthwatch diaries has covered all these questions so far.

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