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July 18, 2009: Putting a lock on it

It is less than a week now before I depart for my time in Kenya. The packing is almost complete, although items are going in and out all the time as I try and decide what I need and then what I will actually make use of. I think I should just put the lock on and call that it. Since my last blog I have had an interview and a picture taken by the local newspaper in Runcorn which was published last week. I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of people who have seen it and come and mentioned it to me. Everyone has wished me luck on the trip and asked details about the work we will be doing and about the area where we are staying. The reporter is also keen to do a follow up story on my return, which I have promised to do. Hopefully I will have some good photographs to show the site and explain the work being done by the team. My next entry will be from the expedition site, so stay tuned.
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