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Climate Change, Canopies and Wildlife in the Ecuadorian Andes

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October 3, 2009: Full moon

Sun  Today I’m again getting up early because I'm going bird watching again. It is a full moon today, the sky is clear and this fantastic big red moon is going to set in an hour or so. At almost the same time the sun will rise. It is one out of many moments I won’t forget for a while! I’m working with Antony Flint and Noe. As usual in early morning we bring our breakfast lunch boxGrasshopperInAction   up to the mountain. We are very lucky to see two magnificent toucans. We did our early work, but there is something different today. Partners are going to bring us our lunch boxes because on our way down Tony and I will participate in “habitat   assessment” once more. I am proud to have prepared   my body to be able to walk a lot. This allows me to see much more land. After three surveys we all get back to the lodge for a shower and dinner. There aren't many showers with a view like this.Shower  

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