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Climate Change, Canopies and Wildlife in the Ecuadorian Andes

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September 22, 2009: Equinox

DenWithGearInFrontOfIsHouse It is Equinox day today. Indeed day and night will be 12 hours everywhere on the planet today. Isn’t it a great day to fly to Ecuador in other to be part of a scientific project dedicated to: "Climate changes, canopy and wildlife?" Believe me, YES it is. Air Canada Jazz flight 8913 scheduled at 06:55 am took off from Québec city on time, a few minutes after a beautiful sunrise. After five minutes in the air we pass through the clouds. We change planes in Toronto and Miami, and at least we are approaching Quito. Arrival into Quito is quite something. The plane has to fly over the mountains to get to the valleys and the view is incredible. I couldn't get a photo, unfortunately, because of where I was sitting. Once on the ground I head for a shower and a good night's sleep at the guest house in Quito.
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