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Climate Change, Canopies and Wildlife in the Ecuadorian Andes

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September 23, 2009: Meetup

Today Quito welcomed us with good weather, blue sky and warm temperature. While at breakfast I met Molly. It was good to see each order. We talked together, then after a moment a man asked us if we where on the Earthwatch expedition. He was Antony Flint from United Kingdom, an Earthwatch volunteer as well. Discussion continued and we got to know a little more about each other. We agreed to go sightseeing around the old town of Quito. We walked in the old town, visited many churches and one mueseum. At lunch, it was Antony time! First he ordered in Spanish what he thought was a "fruit juice." He received an egg in a cup. Molly and I thought that his Spanish was good, but perhaps his British accent was difficult for the local people to understand. We will never know! Second, something very unpleasant happened. Antony’s bag was stolen. So we went to a police station to report the robbery. The policeman on duty called one of his colleagues on patrol. Soon a five-passenger pickup truck with two people on board arrived. Molly and Antony climbed on board; the policeman suggested that I climb in the trunk, an offer witch I declined because it does not comply with "Alcoa’s safety protocols." Then he took the last available place in the truck. I finally stayed alone at "la Bazilica" police station while Molly and Antony went to the main station to fill out forms. Finally back to the hotel for dinner in a restaurant nearby. After dinner we met Agnes, talked together a little and agreed to meet the next day at breakfast.

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