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October 6, 2009: Home at last.

Quito  Today I will be flying back home. My departure time is 6:45 am and I want to be at the airport at least two hours in advance. One more time I have to get up early, this time too early for breakfast. I tighten some straps on my backpack, get down to the lobby. It's 3:45, and the taxi is on time. I go through security and customs easily. My flight to Miami is on time. I have to walk a long way in Miami Airport to connect with my next plane to Toronto, but I have done this in much worse conditions for the last ten days. It won’t matter. Takeoff is on time. At the Toronto Canadian customs there is a long line, but many booths are open. So it takes a reasonable time to get through. The next plane to Québec City is also on time. The flight's last 10 minutes is gorgeous. The sky is dark and clear. The approach of the plane to the runway makes us fly all around the town and over the majestic St-Lawrence River. After a soft landing and a short walk to the baggage claim area, I see my lover on the other side of the last window that separates us to be together again. A few minutes later, my backpack arrives on the conveyor. I grab it and walk to the glass door. I kiss and hug Francine my wonderful wife. I drive back one and a half hours to finally get to my home, and rest, 19 hours after waking up!

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