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Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 5, 2009: Tree day

Martha_measures_tree_health We were back on the spot called Oldrichov, where we started several days ago. The task for the day was inventory of forest stands. One more of Josef's students, Jiri, came to join us for a couple of days, as his current research includes tree-ring-analysis and he needed to collect more data for it. We did "canopy-sky" reading, measured trunk circumference and height. New for me was to measure tree temperature and resistance with a special device. But others had already used it on another spot, and it was easy to learn. Some rain water had already collected in rain-gauges and we measured the level and took samples. After lunch we moved to another spot to do the same there. In the meanwhile our teammates did some reconstruction of the stream monitoring station. Josef arranged a meeting with a forester for us, so we could ask him everything about his work, its features and problems, plants and animals typical to the region, etc. For dinner we had chicken soup with dumplings, pork with potatoes, cabbage and cracknel. In the evening Russell, Rachel and Martha did their presentations based on the research projects they had conducted at the university. Rachel and Martha studied crab population and migration in their region. Russell and Rachel did a project on autoimmune disease, looking for drug treaments that will be more effective. Their presentations were very interesting and gave rise to many questions.

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