Anastasia Danelyants’ Diary
Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 6, 2009: Putting in our oars

Josef_takes_water_sample Today we went to Bedrichov water reservoir. I was in a boat with William and Josef taking water samples from different depths in two points. We also measured water level, temperature, oxygen saturation and clarity. William was rowing to the middle of a lake and I was rowing back and we both managed it pretty well. There were two more teams, one doing forest inventory and a second taking water samples from streams around the reservoir. We finished work at noon and had lunch in a place where we usually had dinner. The meal was more Italian then Czech - mushroom soup and spaghetti with meat and sauce. And dinner was at our pension. Our hosts were very kind to do barbeque sausages for us, which I enjoyed a lot. 

Between lunch and dinner we did lab work in the pension. Wrote down data, tested water samples with special equipment, and weighed dried grass samples. It was Misae's turn to do a presentation and she impressed us a lot. For many years she studied a book called "the Book of Kells", which is some 12 centuries old. It contains gospels and very sophisticated drawings made by monks. She investigated the original ways of dye preparation (colours were obtained from different plants, minerals or even insects) and the meaning of ornament fragments. And what is most remarkable - she reproduced 22 pages of the book with absolute accuracy using original materials for dyes.

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