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Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 7, 2009: R & R

Liberec_Zoo_Red_Panda Sunday was our rest-day. First we went to Lemberk castle. It has several rooms with original furniture, houseware, paintings and carpets from different centuries. So one can trace the changes of household style. We had our usual sandwich lunch in fresh air and went to Liberec, where he had several options: Zoo, Botanical garden or a Museum. I go to zoos wherever I am, so I couldn't miss this one and spent all the time there. Rachel, Martha and Russell joined me. Liberec Zoo is the oldest in the Czech Republic and is focused on breeding endangered and rare animal species such as white tigers and golden takins. I waited for ages to take a picture of a red panda. They are usually sleeping on a tree curled up into a ball every time I see them. When we were leaving it started to rain and we didn't stay in Liberec long. Dinner was waiting for us - chicken soup and fried cheese with vegetables. I was so full that I couldn't have my dessert and our kind hostess packed it for me. In the evening Cathy did her presentation about the previous Earthwatch project she attended several years ago in Romania. It was an archeological research project. The team excavated an ancient Roman fort. She showed us pictures of the spot, told how they worked, what tools used, what they'd found. It was interesting to listen.
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