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Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 8, 2009: Young tree inventory

The_only_old_Mountain_Ash We went to the spot called Jizerka, where we'd taken grass samples before. This time our team (Will, Misae, Ryan, Russell and I) did forest inventory. There were mostly young trees planted after clear-cutting: Norway spruce, Colorado spruce, mountain ash and some birches. We measured height, trunk circumference and average crown spread (measurements from two sides of a tree) for several spots. Then I got the vegetation statistics (grass, blueberry, moss, etc.). The second team took stream water samples. It started raining when we were finishing and we all got wet. Hot cauliflower soup and beef with rice were served in the nick of time. The nice thing is that I never caught a cold during the expedition in spite of the weather. We passed stands of dead spruce reminding of the acid rains here. Hopefully Josef's project andOld_and_young_spruces  our common efforts will lead to recovery of this beautiful district, which I really loved. For the evening we've got lots of data to write down. When it was ready Ryan did his presentation about the place where he lives. He showed us beautiful views of Lake Michigan and at the same time told about ecological problems they have.

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