Anastasia Danelyants’ Diary
Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 9, 2009: Streams

Measuring_stream_flow We started from Sous water reservoir. Josef, Rachel, Martha and Russell took water samples from the boat. Cathy, Misae and Will marked trees on a new spot and did forest inventory. Ryan, Petr and I took stream water samples walking around the reservoir. We also measured flow rate, checked water temperature and oxygen level, and if we saw fish in the stream we also wrote it down. The weather was unexpectedly warm and nice; it was a pleasure to follow forest paths and chat, and jump over a wide stream once. I enjoyed this work day probably most of all. On the way back we visited an old dam near Desna village. In the beginning of the 20th century the dam failed and water flows and huge stones caused damages and victims in the village. We also had some free time in Jablonec city, but it started raining and we didn't walk around a lot. Dinner brought tripe soup and potato pancakes with chicken and vegetables. This evening was my turn to do a presentation. I showed pictures from Samara, and from Moscow and St. Petersburg also, and gave out some souvenirs I brought. It was a nice evening. We sat up late talking and then teaching each other card games we play back home.

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