Anastasia Danelyants’ Diary
Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 10, 2009: Back to the beginning

Forest_canopy_inventory This day we were on a Josefov Dul water reservoir. Josef was in a boat with Cathy, Misae and Ryan sampling water. I was in a second team preparing a new spot for forest inventory. We measured 30x30 meters square, marked all trees inside with numbers, and did all usual measurements: height, trunk circumference, temperature and resistance. We agreed to meet a boat team at lunch time in a small local museum in a village where a glass factory used to be. After a short visit there we continued working on a different spot, Oldrichov, the one with the rain-gauges and stream monitory station. We did some repair work to the station, cleaned up the area, and checked rain-gauges again. A find of the day was a nice big mushroom. For dinner we had tomato soup and fish with potatoes. And a fruit dumpling again, which we had been looking forward to for several days! Ryan treated us with strawberries in the evening, so it was not dull at all to process the data. We didn't have much work to do, so we soon had a good time playing cards again. I felt a bit sad that evening as is was our very last evening and night in a hospitable "Statek U Rajtru" pension in beautiful Jizera mountains. "My heart's in the highlands" - I can write, as Robert Burns did (though about different places).
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