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Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 11, 2009: Final touches

Heating_glass_for_blowing Josef stayed in the pension to pack all the equipment, samples and papers. So we went with Dobro and it was a good chance to practice speaking Czech. We visited a couple of glass factories. The Czech Republic is famous for its glass, and especially in the Bohemia region, where we were. At the first factory they produced hand-made Christmas-tree decorations. We could see the whole process: heating a glass rod, blowing hot glass into a decoration, making it shiny, painting, spangling, adding an eye and finally packing. We got the chance to blow a glass ball ourselves and it was incredible. Later in a shop we bought some nice and fragile ornaments and I managed to bring them home safe and sound. On the way back we had to check rain-gauges just at one spot, and Cathy and Will did it quickly. By the way, we saw a deer twice this day. I was happy. We gathered in our sitting-room and Josef gave us a quiz on all the things we studied during the expedition. We brushed up on all the research methods we used, causes and effects, as well as cultural and historical facts about the country that we'd learned. This was a nice way to highlight key points and give feedback. Then we left our cosy Czech home. The last dinner in our village restaurant included garlic soup and pork with sauerkraut and dumplings. A heavy rain accompanied us to Prague. We checked into our rooms in Charles University's hostel "Kolej Komenskeho" quickly. I didn't need much time for rest, as well as others, and soon we left for a nice walk along old streets and lanes of Prague. I had quickly explored this part of city before, the first day in Prague, but easy walking with friends here is beyond compare. Later when we were back I copied Will's pictures as he's got lots of very good ones.

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