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June 12, 2009: Farewell

Charles'_Bridge On Friday we were left on our own and had freedom of choice. The only thing we had to meet for was our last dinner together. All of Prague was at my disposal, but again I chose the Prague Zoo. Only Russell joined me. I should tell you that thePrague Zoo is one of the best I've seen. It covers a huge area, has a vast variety of animal species, and what's the most valuable and pleasant for me - great roomy enclosures for the inhabitants. It also breeds endangered and rare animals and returns them back to the wild or to special natural reserves. Among such animals are Przewalski's horses, the pride of Prague Zoo, one of the most endangered in the world. I was really confused by the weather this day. It rained probably five times or more and every time after that the sun shone brightly and a serene sky promised no more rain. For lunch we met with Rachel and Martha in the center of the city and had a juicy sausage. Then I just walked on my own for couple of hours in the center, looking for souvenirs, taking pictures, gazing around, breathing in Prague air and relaxing. In the evening we met Josef near the Charles' Bridge as appointed and went to the restaurant. We had a beautifully decorated separate room with a big table for all of us. We talked about everything that happened to us, our new views and thoughts, and of course thanked Josef, Petr and Dobro for their attention and kindness, for all the knowledge and skills they shared with us so generously and willingly. It was a very cordial but at the same time very sad dinner for me, because I get attached to people fast and this was a farewell.
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