Anastasia Danelyants’ Diary
Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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April 2009: Intro

Hello, friends and colleagues. My name is Anastasia. I live in Samara (Russia) and work at Alcoa as a Helpdesk team member. In April 2009 I was lucky to be invited to join the Earthwatch expedition "Mountain waters of the Czech Republic" as an Alcoa Earthwatch Fellow. I was so excited! I looked forward the expedition, studied related materials and previous diaries, and even got an audio course of the basics of the Czech language. But I had only one month to prepare for the trip. Getting a visa to travel to Europe from Russia is no piece of cake. I spent a whole month rushing around, and got the visa the very last day, when I had almost given up hope! With help from the Earthwatch team and our leader Dr. Josef Krecek, all ended well, and I was on my way to the Czech Republic. I was also inspired by the fact that many words on Czech sounded familiar to my Russian ear. The languages have much in common, and I hoped to be able to communicate a bit in Czech, besides English.

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