Anastasia Danelyants’ Diary
Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 1, 2009: First day in the field

Rachel_and_Martha_measure_soil_PH We had a very nice buffet breakfast (as we would every day) and went to Liberec, a nearby city, where we had some free time to see the central square and streets. After breakfast we also had an introduction lecture on the aims of the research and the methods to be used. Our first work site was Oldrichov, in a beech forest high up the hills. We had to take samples from 10 rain gauges and several streams, so we separated into two teams. I was with Rachel, Martha and Misae, led by Josef. One by one we checked the rain gauges, took samples of water using filters, marked each sample bottle with a rain gauge number, and carefully cleaned the equipment. One rain gauge was in the open and others were under the trees, thus giving more broad results. We also measured soil pH and moisture under each stand with a special device (HB-2 Kelway soil tester), a process that also required careful attention. 
In the meantime the second team was taking samples of stream water. Then we reassembled at a forest stream with a monitoring station. I, Ryan, William and Petr measured the width and depth of a segment of the stream before and after cleaning the bottom for evaluation of annual sedimentation. Other team members cleaned the monitored place and also did some forest inventory. 
It was a good work day and we rode to dinner. Beef soup, chicken with rice and strawberry dessert were perfect. All our dinners were at a very nice village restaurant. I loved the cuisine, the decor and the hostess.
We had a lively evening together. First we recorded all the data we had collected. Then Josef showed us a presentation on the research in the Jizera Mountains and results of the previous years. After that we talked about ecology and our countries again. Misae showed us how our names would be spelled in Japanese.

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