Anastasia Danelyants’ Diary
Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 2, 2009: Cutting the grass

Sampling_grass_and_soil Right after breakfast we left for the opposite side of the mountains to a spot called Jizerka. Here a clear-cut had been made, and now it's important to watch closely how the regeneration proceeds. We split into two teams again. I, Misae, Bill, Russel and Josef took samples of grass and soil. We had to cut and collect all grass in a 30x30 centimeter square area, and measure soil pH and moisture. Then we took a sample of soil using a special tube and measured humus layer thickness. We repeated this process for 20 areas. Some spots contained rain-gauges, which we sampled and cleaned. The second team's task was to check rain-gauges on the other side of the hill and to do some forest inventory for a certain spot. The soil in this area is very swampy. I was in rubber boots and that helped a lot, as once I sank into the mud knee-deep. The next teams will enjoy blueberries that grow there abundantly. 
Dinner with broccoli soup and pork recouped our strength. In the evening we wrote down all collected data. Then Petr gave us a presentation on the computer system they use to store data and get graphic images based on this data. It is stored in layers: elevation, humidity, vegetation, stream system, reservoirs and so on. You can also get 3D models of certain areas. It was actually very interesting to me.

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