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Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 3, 2009: From forest to opera

This day was very cool and windy. We came to a big water reservoir called Josefuf Dul. We had to sample reservoir water from a boat, but with such weather it wasn't possible. I was in a group with Josef, Cathy, Misae and William. First we did a familiar task - checked and cleaned 9 rain-gauges and measured soil pH and moisture. Then we did "canopy-sky" reading with a special device. You hold it at eye-level and see what's right above you - an open sky or leaves. At the same time you write down what kind of vegetation is on the spot: grass, moss, blueberry bushes, forest litter or open stone. Readings from every 5 meters give you statistics for canopy and vegetation of the whole square (30x30 meters). After that we did a forest inventory for the same square that included about 80 trees. For each tree we measured trunk circumference at chest level and height (using an angle finder and distance to the tree). The second team took stream water samples. 

We finished our work earlier than the day before, and it was very good, as I was already frozen to death. We had dinner (goulash, fried cheese and sausages and a fascinating strawberry dumpling) earlier then usual and went to Liberec Opera. Josef got us tickets to a "L'elisir d'amore" ("The Elixir of Love") opera by Gaetano Donizetti, performed in Italian. I enjoyed it a lot! Staging, singers, acoustics, costumes - everything was perfect. The Liberec Opera house is very beautiful. In the evening we had a rest, drank tea, coffee, and talked about everything - from modern Czech sculptor David Cerny to climate changes.

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