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Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 4, 2009: Homework

Analyzing_grass_samples The day was very cold and dull again, even worse than the previous, so perfectly suited for staying in the pension and analyzing samples. First of all we sorted grass samples. We had to separate two different types of grass, moss, dry grass and all the rest. I worked together with Misae, Ryan and William. We were a good team, had fun sorting the grass. After that we wrote down yesterday's data. I was a bit confused that I couldn't at first get the right result in Excel for the tree heights (calculated by angle and distance), which seemed to be easy. But reading 'Help' helps! The thing is that Excel operates with angles in radians, not degrees (useful to know), and as soon as I learned that, I calculated it fast. 

We had couple of hours before dinner to relax or have a walk around. I came back from dinner (lentil soup, chicken with mashed potatoes, and berries for dessert) afraid we might put on several kilos during this expedition. Food here is very tasty. This evening was William's presentation. He showed us pictures and home-movies from Australia, told about the country, the district where he lives, and also about Alcoa. He also carried out a nice game, where we had to write down two things that are true about us and one that is a lie. And others had to guess which one is made up. It was both amusing and interesting to learn new things about each other.

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