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Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 13, 2009: Reflections

Our_Team I had half a day more in Prague and spent it in the center again. My flight back home was safe and nothing unforeseen happened. There was a singular coincidence. One article in the airplane magazine was dedicated to different volunteer projects, including Earthwatch expeditions. It said "voluntourism" (from "volunteer tourism") had become a popular type of vacation in recent years. And now I can understand why. I came home from this expedition fresh and rested as if I had been on a holiday. But it included so much more. I met fantastic people, learned many things, made my own contribution to protecting the environment. It was both a lesson and an adventure. I'm very grateful to Alcoa for entrusting me this very valuable mission and gift. This diary is one of the ways how I can share it with you. Please write me any questions or thoughts that occurred to you reading it. And thank you for reading. Just one more thing I wanted to share. Something I felt: doing something for nature makes you feel much more in charge.
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Hi Anastasia, it was great reading your account, it brought back many happy memories. Kind regards Will Roche.

Will Roche | Posted Fri 10 Jul 2009 9:45AM

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