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September 24, 2009: Holy TeleferiQo!

I went downstairs for breakfast with Agi, Tony, Denis, and two new friends. We met Anthony Fishers from Holland and Anne Maurais from Canada. We decided to go on the Teleferiqo up to 4100 m altitude (13451 ft). It was fun getting there in the cab. Jorge our cab driver dropped us off at the base and we took the gondola straight up the hill. It was a bit claustrophobic but wonderful views. At the top there was a café with an oxygen bar. We walked to the end of the park and there were people with horses that you could ride. We stayed at the top for about an hour before we went back down. At the bottom we caught a cab to Old Town. We wanted to go to the Plaza Grande but the cab had to drop us off a few blocks away due to a demonstration. We walked down Chile St. toward the Plaza Grande and came to a Cathedral that was having a mass in honor of a Patron Saint. They were setting off bottle rockets outside and throwing rose petals. It must have been standing room only because people just kept coming out of the Cathedral. From the Cathedral we walked to the Plaza Grande were the students were demonstrating and the riot police were out. They had a large tank that was in the middle of the road. We continued up Garcia Moreno Rd. and came to a local restaurant. I ordered a platter with fried fish, fried plantains, cerviche with shrimp and squid, rice, and potatoes in a peanut butter sauce along with a cerveza. I managed to order it all in Spanish this time. So after lunch we continued on to the top of the road and came to the Cathedral by the police station. The same one we had been at the day before. Denis and I took photos in front of the station. When we got back to the Hostel Tony was already back from the Consulate. We sat around and chatted for a while and then everyone went off to dinner. We are all excited about leaving for Santa Lucia tomorrow.

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