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Climate Change, Canopies and Wildlife in the Ecuadorian Andes

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September 23, 2009: ¡Es una emergéncia!

I went downstairs for the free breakfast at 7:30 am and found Denis having coffee. As I was talking to him we met a fellow Earthwatcher name Anthony (Tony) Flint. Denis is from Quebec, Canada and Tony is from the UK. We all sat together and had breakfast, then decided to go to Old Town Quito. We walked from the hostel to Old Town Quito’s Plaza Grande. On our way to the Plaza Grande we passed a demonstration about potable water. There were lots of people in the march but it was very peaceful. After the demonstration we headed up to a gorgeous Cathedral on the hill by the police station… which will come into play later. The Cathedral was beautiful on the inside. They sell prayer cards and candles on the outside of all the Cathedrals. When you enter you find all of the Patron Saints of the church are displayed behind glass and have candles burning where people have offered prayers and flowers. From the Cathedral we walked into Old Town and found a local café. We ordered coffee and sandwiches. After the sandwich Tony tried to order a glass of fruit juice and ended up with a cup of eggs! Hugo (juice) and Hueves (eggs)! See, my Spanish is getting better. We continued on to the Museo De La Cividad which is the Civic Museum of Quito and has all of the history from the Incas to present day. After the museum we walked up Garcia Moreno Rd. to a restaurant. It was a nice looking local spot for lunch. Once we ordered our Cebiche de Camaron we sat down at a table. Tony sat down and put his backpack on the table when a seemingly nice girl told him to put it on the floor so it wouldn’t be stolen. We all put our backpacks down on the ground. We went along with our lunch when all of the sudden Tony exclaimed “It’s gone”! He was referring to his backpack. The girl who told him to put it on the floor had stolen it when she walked out. Unfortunately he had put his fanny pack with his passport and money in the backpack when we sat down. So he used my phone to call and cancel his bank card and credit cards. Also had to cancel his cell phone and find a police station to report the theft for insurance. So luckily I had noticed the police station by the Cathedral. We headed back up the hill to the police station (those hills are killers at this altitude)! Once we arrived at the police station we had to overcome the language barrier to explain the situation. The police officer told us to wait one moment while he arranged a ride to the tourist police station. After about 20 minutes a truck arrived with three police officers who were going to take us to the tourist police station. Tony and I got in the back with one officer and Denis stayed at the police station. Once we got to the tourist police station Tony had to fill out a form and we were back on our way to Denis. We made one stop with the police for them to work on some business. Once we got back and gathered up Denis we headed back to the hostel. We cleaned up a bit and then headed out to Azuca for dinner. After dinner we came back and found out Agi had arrived so we went and found her and spent some time chatting. Tomorrow we are all going to go on the Teleferiqo which is one of the highest gondola lifts in the world. The gondola takes you up to 4100 meters or 13,451 feet in altitude.

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