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Belarus Wetlands

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July 23, 2009: Getting started

Hi everyone! I'm Alina Blyum from Alcoa Russia, Samara plant. In less than a week I'm going to participate in an Alcoa Earthwatch project "Belarus Wetlands." Imagine how impatient I am now! (I already started packing!) Several months ago I received a message saying that I was chosen and couldn't believe my eyes! 
A little bit about myself. I've been with Alcoa for 3 years now. I started right after graduation and have been working as an interpreter. This year I was transferred to the FRP technical department to work as process management group leader. I'm 25 and I enjoy travelling and studying foreign languages. I'm sure this expedition is going to be a tremendous experience that will enable me to learn something extremely new (where else would I have learnt anything about bogs in Belarus??!!) and use this new knowledge and skills to help preserve the vulnerable ecosystem of Belarus wetlands. I will keep you posted on my adventures and progress!

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