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August 4, 2009: Road Trip

Red bus It's 6 a.m. I'm too full of excitement to sleep any longer, and really feeling the jet lag. The morning is nice and fresh and I decide to have a little walk along the wide and unbelievably clean streets of Minsk. A couple of hours later we meet in the hall of Academicheskaya for breakfast. After shopping in BigZmart, we jump in our cool red bus and get ready for a 5 hour drive. On the way we stop at Natasha's (our principal investigator) "dacha" where we are treated to sandwiches and tea. Several bus stops and playing card "miracles" later we find ourselves in the final destination - village Klasticy. Victor, our driver, drops us at the house of our host, Alla Nikolaevna, where we find out that there aren't enough sleeping places for everybody! Does it mean that we have to separate? No way!! We decide to have four boys sleeping in one room, two of them on the floor, so we give them all our sleeping bags. A nice belorussian dinner and long talks afterwards.

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