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Belarus Wetlands

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August 6, 2009: Rain

Rain Today we made it further into the bog. I didn't realize it would be so difficult to move forward. First you have to cut trees along the bog profile (poor guys!), put wooden pickets to mark the distance and then walk along the profile till the next sample plot. Walking on the bog is quite strenuous and requires physical fitness, but the feeling of beeing part of the team and the presence of fellow Earthwatchers ready to help you is amazing! I worked with Fabio today counting small trees, identifying their approximate age and height. Then I proceeded with a different type of work: cutting the grass. Inside a sample plot you mark a 50cm x 50cm area using wooden sticks and cut ALL the plants that are inside this area. Then you classify them: cotton grass, sphagnum moss, blueberry, waterberry, etc. and put them in separate bags. The scientists will use this data to determine the productivity of the bog and the density of different plants in this or that bog area. Work was going on when suddenly it started raining. A new "wet" experience on the bog!

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