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Belarus Wetlands

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August 7, 2009: We reach the lake

Lake We finally made it! By the end of the week we reached our final destination on the bog - the glacial lake. Every raised bog typically has a lake in the middle that dates back to the Ice Age. After 2.4 km of walking on the bog, there we were, looking at the cleanest, most beautiful lake I've ever seen. And the sense of accomplishment cannot be underestimated. We also realised how vegetation changed as moved deeper in the bog. In the beginning we mostly enjoyed eating blueberries but closer to the middle we found many more blackberries (which actually also tasted fantastic!) Today I counted small trees with Dima, a Belarussian forestry student, who was so efficient in counting trees that I could only envy him and try to copy his technique! It's Friday today and we wish to have some fun in the evening and celebrate the completion of the first bog but everyone is so exhausted that we decide to stay at home and just chat.

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