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Belarus Wetlands

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July 27, 2009: Wetlands connections: Amazonia-Belarus

Field work Mastura, Fabio, Nicholas What do the Amazon and Belarus have in common? We are all in the same biosphere! Great, but that's not all ... because despite the distances we have some similarities. In the coming days I will participate as a volunteer in the Earthwatch scientific expedition "Belarus Wetlands," a study of the botanical diversity of unique humid areas in this region of the planet. It is good to know about them before they disappear (not to seem catastrophic) ... and that's where the similarity to the Amazon begins. Both regions have unique environmental wealth and suffer intense pressure from land development interests and human settlers. As a Brazilian, I'm excited about the opportunity to be part of this team, led by Dr. Natalia Zeliankevich, and learn a little more about this story and what it says about wetlands in my ownThe team except me  country. In the final stage of preparations, in the coming days I will report on this daily "wet" mission. I hope you can follow us.

Good luck on your trip, Abdala. And post good photos, please! We're following your steps.

Cesar Bonamigo | Posted Thu 30 Jul 2009 12:10PM

Yes, I agree with what you say. I hope you can give us many good insights on your trip and new partners in our commom vision of the world where we live.

José Arnaldo de Oliveira | Posted Fri 31 Jul 2009 10:31AM

Hey, brother,
I am very proud of you, not just because you are taking care of the biggest and the most important place on the earth, but also because you are making your part trying to learn more about these diversities in order to protect or diminish the damages already done in Amazon. Congratulations!

Flavia Abdala | Posted Fri 31 Jul 2009 10:33AM

Fabio - make sure your trip includes a stopover in London! Abracos - Andres

Andres Falconer | Posted Mon 03 Aug 2009 8:38AM

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