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August 2, 2009: the path to Belarus: a long journey

Sunshine landscape Getting from the Amazon to my Belarus destination is a real saga. Inspiration and persistence are required. My body says, this is a long, long journey! Getting from Juruti to Sao Paulo, with connections in Santarem, Manaus and Brasilia,  I have to travel approximately 4 thousand kilometers lasting 10 hours, by air! From São Paulo to Minsk, capital of Belarus, with connections in Frankfurt (Germany) and Warsaw (Poland,) takes 17 more hours. Incidentally, I leave home August 2nd at 12 am and arrive at my destination in Belarus on August 3rd at 1 pm! Such a long trip! On the way, I will do like my colleague Vicky (who is traveling from Australia to join us on the same expedition): try to learn some Belarusian words, such as Dzien Dobry (Good Morning, Good Afternoon). There is one I am already studying for when I arrive at home: Ja Ciabie kachaju (I love you).
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