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August 8, 2009: Why study bogs?

Tania writing Bogs have many important roles in ecological systems: transferring carbon and nitrogen from biogenic into geological circulation, taking up CO2 from the atmosphere, and cooling the climate by hydration, among other functions. Despite having a high level of self-restoration, new data shows that 70% of natural bogs have been altered,Alcoa volunteers Alina, Vicky, Fabio  mainly because of drainage due to agriculture, cattle, wood and energy production. This is why we are here: by studying bogs we have the chance to improve approaches to conserving them and using them sustainably.

Fabio, could you define "bog"? Where do bogs occur in Brazil?

Bob Buschbader | Posted Sat 08 Aug 2009 10:34AM

Fabio, I'm following your trip. God bless you and bring many new features to tell us here in Brazil.

Interesting what you said about natural bogs - and my curiosity is the same as Bob Buschabade.


Célia Oliveira | Posted Mon 10 Aug 2009 9:57AM

Hey Brother,

Is it possible to plant these bogs in Sao Paulo? Could you explain what is it? Is it a plant? If so, bring some seeds.


Flavia Abdala | Posted Tue 11 Aug 2009 5:34PM


I'm enjoyingh your comments on your trip. I'm just missing your updates, although I can realize how busy you are.

Hopefully, you can share with us your fndings and feelings on those far away lands.
Enjoy your stay.

Edison Morais

Edison Morais | Posted Wed 12 Aug 2009 12:27PM

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