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August 9, 2009: What are bogs?

Bog view Bogs are boreal wetlands composed mainly of several species of mosses and some trees. It is not possible find these kind of bogs in Brazil, but in South America maybe in Patagonia. According to Dr. Zeliankiev's studies, in the Belarus wetlands there are more than 30 species of mosses, including sphagnum mosses (18 species), gypnum mosses (6 species), and liverworts (10 species). Sphagnum moss is the most common and the only trees found in the bogs are short, compressed pines. Other areas are dominated by woody plants including cranberry, butterbur, wild rosemary, myrtle, crowberry, heather, and great bilberry. Cotton-grass is typical among grasses, as well as sedges and insectivorous sundews. Anyway, I do suggest a visit to the Earthwatch website to see more information.
Vegetation productivity research begins Natalia 2 Zeliankevich explain sphangnomoss strucuture

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