Vivienne Talbot's Photo Gallery

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Vivienne TalbotView of AlejuelaSide of Poas volcano demistified

CraterParrotsView from the bus

San Luis valleyVivienneBrahman cows

EcolodgeVivienne on the road to MonteverdeAlex and Vivienne

BirdspottersCloud forestEarly morning bird watching

Grasshopper at the ecolodgeBananasGathering around

CoffeeFinally at the topViv and Pam

Bougaivillia with butterflyAlice measuring circular plotsBanana tree

Earthwatch equipmentCoffee roasterMark pinning a bee

Ecotourist group at Oldemar‘sExclosuresHoisting the nets

Sunset at the lodgePrimary school classSunset at ecolodge

Exclosures 1Exclosures 2Exclosures 3

Waterfall 1Waterfall 2Waterfall 3

Sky trek 1Sky trek 2Sky trek 3

Sky trek 4Sky trek 5 (Alex)Sky trek 6

Sky trek 7Sky trek 8Eric, Oldemar, Viv, and Pam

Viv and coffeeFemale orange-bellied trogonHummingbird nest

Tree rootsRefractometreView of Alejuela

Vivienne and her leaf cuttingsWeighing the fruitEmmanuel and his XO laptop

How to use your XO laptopOne laptop per childAnother Emmanuel and his laptop

Viv and EmmanuelButterfly catching with high schoolersEarthwath—no 'c' necessary

Playing pass the parcelPass the parcelPlaying foosball

Locals versus touristsLast sunset at the ecolodgeViv on the last night

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