Donna Schneider’s Photo Gallery

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Indigenous dancersEl Virgen de QuitoStinky turkey bird

Monkey eating fruitYanayacuYanayacu Biological Research Station

Donna and Richard inside the cloud forestMultiple instarsCaterpillar with old skin

PupaWalking the stream trailBagging the caterpillars

Caterpillar eggsFinding caterpillarsCaterpillar with emerging parasitoids

Caterpillar identification in the zooCleaning caterpillar frassPicking Eois caterpillars

Graduate Students with 495 Eois CaterpillarsNotodontidae on a passion flower leafApparatus for beating the chusquea

Dinnertime at YanayacuCosanga SchoolNymphalidae

Lemonaid & Flies caterpillarButterfly found on sunny dayShallow tree roots and sandy soil

Otavalo food marketTeam at dinner in OtavaloIn Otavio

Quito from El TeleferiqoEl Teleferqo

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