Dmitry Safin's Photo Gallery

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Dmitry SafinTirimbina bridgeDr. Lee Dyer

Team getting a project introductionTirimbina trailDmitry

Accommodations at the stationThe station‘s food pantryTropical rain shower

Dmitry, the caterpillar hunterCollecting a caterpillarMore collecting

Dmitry and Samantha, the Alcoa teamUnder the roots of a very big treeTeam at Tirimbina

Local childrenRecycling centerCoffee maker at Tirimbina

Dr. Grant GentryHolding a caterpillarCaterpillar close-up

Huge caterpillar (15 centimeters)On the 10-kilometer hikeCayman at La Selva

Grant giving an introduction at La SelvaPeccarySloth

Samantha and Dmitry collectingTeam collectingTypical breakfast

Caterpillar zooDeep in the jungleCaterpillar 1

Caterpillar 2Caterpillar 3Caterpillar 4

Caterpillar with parasitoidsDiverse nature 1Diverse nature 2

Diverse nature 3Diverse nature 4Diverse nature 5

Diverse nature 6Diverse nature 7Diverse nature 8

Diverse nature 9Diverse nature 10Pacific Ocean

Manuel Antonio BeachBeach viewReturning from the beach

Pura vida (pure life)

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