Terrence Trasatti's Photo Gallery

Granada Airport (Gary, Jair, Wendy, Terrence, Julia, Alex)Landscape near GranadaFuneral procession

GeckoEntering Cueva Victoria IEntering Cueva VIctoria II

Terrence, Luiz Simao, and Jair FurnasView from outdoor dig site IView from outdoor dig site II

View from outdoor dig site IIIOutside the Internet cafeView from bedroom

Scrubbing fossilsLooking for micro-fossils ILooking for micro-fossils II

First swim in the MediterraneanSunset on the beachWorking outside

Getting coordinatesLooking for micro-fossils IIIMicro-fossils

Entering Cueva Victoria IIISifting dirtLooking for fossils I

Looking for fossils IIBill and Wendy find bonesLocal fauna

Luiz and Luis look at a leg boneGary using small sieveGary and Luis

Luis cleaning brecchaLuis with cat toothA big find

All these bonesCat partsHard-to-identify bone

Coliseum in CartagenaAmphitheater and church in CartagenaHistory lesson in Cartagena

Alfredo and TerrenceJose and Antonia (owners of the house)Fideua

At base of tower ILooking up at towerAt base of tower II

View from towerTower windowOn top of tower I

On top of tower IINarrow stairs in towerA slow morning for Jair

Scrubbing fossilsEducation in the cafeAfter a day of work (Jair and Alex)

Luis and Jose in Cartagena MuseumLuiz with Roman jars in museumRocky beach

Flower in the rockOrce streetHombre de Orce skull fragment

Saber-tooth skullPosterOrce excavation site

Cave house ICave house IICave house III

Castillo de Velez BlancoLuiz, Terrence, and Jair at the castleCastillo de Velez Blanco I

Castillo de Velez Blanco IIWendy and Alisa at the topLooking over the castle

Fireworks to end the dayFireworksFireworks II

Bri relaxingPaellaLuis and Jose give a presentation

3-D movie with Mark, Wendy, and AlfredoLuis and Jose discussing bonesCactus fruit

Evening at the beachOutside the Alhambra IOutside the Alhambra II

Outside the Alhambra IIIOutside the Alhambra IVOutside the Alhambra V

Narrow street and the AlhambraBig doorNarrow street

In the town squareCathedral Metropolitana de Granada ICathedral Metropolitana de Granada II

Cathedral Metropolitana de Granada IIICathedral Metropolitana de Granada IVOur last supper

Typical shop in GranadaThe Alhambra at nightTown square at night

City street at nightFlamenco club

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