Jose Rios' Photo Gallery

Jose RiosExpedition members about to departRio Negro

Arriving at the research siteThe facendaRaising the fences

Marking in the jungleCatching a charming snakeCleaning the amphibian pitfall

Taking the boat to start workThe pitfall setupAlexine team

Preparing to trap peccariesDetermining the age of a peccarySetting a peccary trap

A rest before restartingSearching for a peccary wearing a radio-controlled collarThe search continues

Collar and dead peccary foundBoat ride to the beachTrip to work

Bathing among caimansCapabara familyFirst bath

DancingCountry musicA tag not a bandage

Pretending to be caimansA male lizardA female lizard

Little snakeBicolorAmphibian lab work

Bufo toadTaking a peccary blood sampleWeighing a peccary

Big herdAnother dead peccary searchSecond collared peccary found dead

A herd of peccaries blocks trafficFlowersCactus

A tortoise being eatenFruitLobinho (fox)

Learning to ride a horseLeptodactylus frogOpening trails

Fish investigatorsCollecting fish dataPiranha

Leaving the Rio Negro areaFinal group pictureGoodbye

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