Dietmar Bago's Photo Gallery

Friday HarborFerry to Friday HarborGreenland

Son of GeorgeDeeDee (Dietmar) happy and wetHa, Dorothy, and Melanie

JellyfishHeaven on earthKelp

Katie, Kristen, Brendan, Evelyn, Kirk, Dorothy, and YadukiFuneral for MatildaWater life

Mussel wormMatilda (left) on the roofSeal swiming partners

Sea HuntOrca abreastOrca milling

Fluke liftSpy hopResident male

Tightly groupedTail lobCenter for Whale Research

Transient maleKelping behavior modeled by DeeDeeOrca skull

OystersRoche HarborDeeDee at Roche Harbor

SnakeSeagullsStellar Sea

SoniaThe best behavior logThe lighthouse

Adam, Astrid, and KatieThe white rocksThe Whale Museum in Friday Harbor

Unk birdUnk bird attackCaptain Tom

Captain Tom (2)Whale watching at the centerCanadian geese

AstridElmer, the whale-watching dogDeer in the backyard of the center

Ken Balcomb, principal investigatorThe Carpatians in RomaniaRamona, love at first sight

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