Susan Parrish's Photo Gallery

Ice breaking at the jardinAliciaBoa

Parked burroScorpionCrocodile eggs

Crocodiles hatchingBaby crocodile emergingBouldering and tide-pooling

Bouldering surfComposting Lilies in mangrove

Termite nest in mangroveFirst group birding in boatCrab

CrabBird count in mangroveButterfly

Lizard in mangroveLooking for nestsLooking for nests

Crocodile nest with hatched eggsWaterfallPaulino with noose

Big crocodileBig crocodileCatching the big crocs

Susan and a big crocHatchling being weighedBig croc neck scale pattern

Neck scale patternCacique nestHanging out at restaurant

Baby croc in waterTrash collecting

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