Deborah Cronin's Photo Gallery

Columbus Park dive siteDeb and Andy at dockColorful Jamaican café

Data collection in afternoonDiscovery Bay marine laboratoryDunn’s River Falls

Earthwatch team photoEating quarters at dinner timeFlat at marine laboratory

Hurricane Charley on its wayIndependence Day in Discovery BayLiving area inside flat

LocalsStudent visit to laboratoryHouse in Discovery Bay

James giving pre-dive instructionsLoaded up in boatLocal house

Pre-dive preparationSetting up for dive Street in Ocho Rios

Acropora palmate Acropora palmate under sun Alex over sponge

Beautiful spongeCamouflaged fish Charlotte & Rich measuring

Check-out diveDalton with sea urchin Deadacrop coral

Deb & Dan measuring coralDeb heading to surface Deb recording data

Deb’s underwater opera Diploria strigosa (brain coral) Fire coral

Gail with fish Heading downLovely acropora palmate coral

Meandrina and siderastrea coral Montastrea annularis coralPillar coral

Pillar coral Porites and various corals Professor James Crabbe

Reef fish Rich relaxing Sea fan waving

Team laying transect Team swimming to transects Thor (Andy) hammering transect

Trumpet fish Various corals and fish

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