Marla Corson's Photo Gallery

House of the People, Bucharest Me with Mario the tour guide in Bucharest Famous arch in Bucharest 

Hotel in Bucharest Green shirt before the birds Jason, Dave, Sylvia at a Romanian house 

Ferry across Danube River traveling to site Dr. Zahariade at the site Bungalo at the site 

Dr Z at fort wall Bathhouse Bathhouse 

Bathhouse Fingerprints Checking out a tunnel in the bathhouse 

Marla in basilica Fort wall Fort wall 

Fort wall Standing on pillar Both our teams’ pits first day 

Enjoying the wildflowers Wildflower Our site latrine 

First day digging Jason's first day find! Jason's amphora 

Found him on our first walk back to the hotel Sunset behind our hotel  Pelicans on my second morning walk to the site 

We found lots of pottery pieces Bones that we found  The pits 

On my knees... Dave and George in our pit Dr Z teaching us 

Dave, Sylvia, Jason, Steve, Florine Jason the rock mover Ancient Roman frog 

Jason’s oil lamp Oil lamp Nicoli  

Broken oil lamp found by Nicoli  Two oil lamps Nicoli found I brought this handle home 

My pit mate George diggin away Florin and I  Florin 

My fifth century coin find Fifth century coin My fourth century buckle and tool 

Look what I found Washing pottery we found George putting pieces together 

Famous pit crew Our pit at sixth century level Fourth to fifth century wall in our pit 

Final day manicuring the wall Job completed Talk about old wheelbarrows 

Pit on last day Jason with dinner Transportation in the village 

Another Roman fort on the Danube Anca (cook) and Mihai (site caretaker)  Boat trip on Danube River 

Dr. Z driving the boat Not quite the Titanic but still fun Our team on the boat trip 

Jason sporting the flowers The captain made us lily leis Water lily pad 

Water lily on Danube River Our lunch on the river Hotel 

Me on the Danube River Our team and pup on the Danube Cart ride to hotel—poor horse! 

Cylinders under wall for eathquake protection Dave & George, my pit mates Dr. Z teaching us 

Former Black Sea behind me Loved those sheep and sheppards Romanian men cruising in village 

Basilica where five saints were found  George Amphoras in a museum 

Huge pottery Medussa and I Fishing weights like those I found 

Part of a wall Pottery in a museum Entering a fort 

Lunch in the monastery My favorite monk, George 

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