Betsy Butler's Photo Gallery

Entering the jungleEyes covered for safetyHatchlings in cooler

Head measurementHiking to waterfallHorse near jungle

Hunting crocodiles at nightJungle walkKeeping croc contained

Lagoon garbage & crocsLagoonLegs kept flipped back

Sara holds down noseMangroves at nightPeek of beach from town

Sara on bird surveySecond big crocSingle file through jungle

Susan helps measure headSusan observes croc weighingTagged & ready to go

Taking a croc's temperatureTemperature takingTourists at lagoon

Tourists watch crocodile catchTourists with crocTransportation to the jungle

Tying a croc's snoutTying a croc's snoutTying a croc's snout

Zipper spiderBack to the lagoonBaby croc gets measured

Baby croc gets measuredBeach at nesting siteBig croc near boat

Diana - sister of PaulinoBig crocodileBiologist Sara Huerta

Bird survey siteBird surveyingCatching hatchlings

Crab carrying eggsCroc photo opportunityData collection

Dragging croc ashoreOutdoor cafeOn way to bird survey

Paulino explains nest debrisPaulino and sister inspect nestPaulino and his mother

More tourists gather

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