Local success. Global impact.

We measure the success of our programs through five key metrics — alignment with
Alcoa Foundation’s core themes, direct outcomes for society, stakeholder engagement, inclusiveness, and awareness. Here’s how we fared in 2012.

More than 2,500 employees participated in Alcoans in Motion events, earning more than $200,000 for nonprofits.
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$4.5 million for innovative programs
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A record 60 percent of Alcoa employees took part in more than 1,050 events, benefiting more than 450,000 people.
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1,000 classroom projects funded, benefiting 90,000 students
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6 million university students keep 94 millions of pounds of material out of waste stream
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More than 1,900 organizations received Bravo! grants totaling $1.75 million.
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More than 12,200 Alcoans participated in 730 ACTION events totaling 50,000 hours of service.
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We have a goal to plant 10 million trees by 2020.
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20 million pounds of CO2 saved
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DoSomething.org launched the biggest youth-led aluminum can recycling drive in the country
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Alcoans in Motion
Alcoa employees around the world who engage in physical activities for charities like marathons, bike races and athletic tournaments can earn Alcoans in Motion (AIM) grants. In its inaugural year, more than 2,500 employees participated in over 85 team events, earning more than $200,000 for nonprofits. Seven U.S. Alcoa plants participated in local Relay for Life events in 2012. Due to its enthusiastic reception, AIM is expected to grow substantially in 2013.
“Relay for Life [a charity for people affected by cancer] has always been important to me, and I’ve gotten lots of support from my coworkers. This year, with AIM, we doubled our impact by donating funds as well as participating in the event.”
– Carl Ratcliff, Maintenance Planner, Alcoa has been organizing the event for more than 15 years
Alcoa Howmet Exeter employees, their friends and family participated in a marathon to support Cancer Research UK.
Domingos Campos, from Alcoa Brazil, is looking for a strike as he bowls for charity.
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For more information on STEM, click here.
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During then seventh annual Month of Service, nearly 2,500 employees in Australia weeded wetlands, painted fences, built sensory gardens, served meals to those in need, and brightened the lives of the underserved citizens. Alcoa of Australia also pledged 10,000 volunteer hours to Volunteering WA’s inaugural Give 1 Project, a campaign challenging Western Australian businesses to strengthen their volunteering programs. A record 60 percent of Alcoa employees took part in more than 1,050 events across 24 countries, benefiting more than 450,000 people and 2,050 nonprofit organizations.
Kwinana refinery employees have a little fun after volunteering at Point Walter Reserve in Western Australia.
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Give Cards
We partnered with online charities, DonorsChoose.org and GlobalGiving, to encourage and empower Alcoa employees, retirees, partners and customers to engage in “micro giving.” Alcoa Give Card recipients can fund projects of their choice that are focused on the environment or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education. In 2012, more than 1,000 classroom projects were funded, benefiting more than 90,000 students.
“I gave because there is nothing like hands-on learning, whether it is solving a problem on a white board or learning to correctly solve it on a calculator. I am grateful to my employer Alcoa for providing the opportunity to donate to local schools.”
– Deana Rugh, GBS-IS Project Manager, Alcoa
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Each year, we invest roughly one third of our total funding towards initiatives that reduce the use of natural resources, recycle materials and replenish our planet. Sustainability starts with a commitment to use less… from water to fuel, and nonrenewable resources of every kind and we work to drive greater recycling rates to promote the reuse of materials, especially infinitely recyclable aluminum. The 2012 RecycleMania competition saw more than six million university students keep 94 millions of pounds of material out of the waste stream.
Alcoa Tennessee Operations employees and their family members picked-up litter during the annual Little River Fest.
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Bravo! is Alcoa’s largest signature engagement program, awarding grants to nonprofits where individual Alcoa employees volunteer 50 hours or more a year. In 2012, Bravo! comprised 65 percent of Alcoa volunteer hours with 525,000 hours performed by 7,000 employees. Over 1,900 organizations received grants from Alcoa Foundation totaling $1.75 million. To celebrate Bravo!’s 10th anniversary, all employees were eligible to receive up to three grants and one Alcoan was selected each month to receive an additional $1,000 grant for his or her charity.
“For over 25 years, I have volunteered with the Complete Life Social Foundation, a summer camp for children with disabilities. This experience has determined my way of thinking and gives me strength.”
– Jozsef Deli, Alcoa-Kofem
Mikhail Ermakov from Samara, Russia volunteers his time and talents at the Matvei Platov’s Cadets School.
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ACTION is a “dollars for doers” program that promotes teamwork and community service. In 2012, more than 12,200 Alcoans across 21 countries participated in 730 ACTION events totaling 50,000 hours of service. Alcoa awarded over $1.75 million in ACTION grants to nonprofit organizations. In China, more than 20 employees of the Alcoa Bohai plant participated in landscape beautification efforts at The Great Wall with 200 family members and community participants.
“The Great Wall is a treasure of China, left to us by our venerable old generation. The wall is in need of proper maintenance and cleaning, and through our work, we can make a small but important contribution.”
– Liya Yi, Communications Manager, Alcoa
Alcoa Bohai partnered with local NGOs to maintain the Great Wall by beautifying its surrounding areas.
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The Alcoa Foundation and American Forests Global ReLeaf Partnership for Trees funded nine projects in China, France, Guinea, Mexico, Russia and the U.S. to plant trees and restore forests for the benefit of communities, wildlife and more. Tree planting events engaged local communities and Alcoa volunteers, to plant more than 270,000 trees across 388 acres. In partnership with Greening Australia, The Nature Conservancy and Global ReLeaf, we have now planted five million trees - the midpoint of our Ten Million Trees by 2020 program.
Alcoans in Guinea planted 130 fast growing and fruits trees, which will provide shade and food for students and the community.
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For more information on how Alcoa Foundation is working to reduce Alcoa's impact on the environment, click here.
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In October 2012, Alcoa Foundation and DoSomething.org, the largest U.S. organization for teens and social change, launched the biggest youth-led aluminum can recycling drive in the country. In just two months, more than 50,000 teens collected and recycled more than one million cans, the equivalent of powering New York’s Times Square for about a year.
“DoSomething.org encourages young people to take action around the issues they care about, and we know one of those issues is the environment. We’re excited to partner with Alcoa Foundation in challenging our members to make an impact by recycling in their communities.”
– Alyssa Ruderman, Campaign Leader, DoSomething.org
Students learned about all the benefits of recycling and explored their creativity while collecting aluminum cans.
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Six decades ago, Alcoa’s leaders established and endowed Alcoa Foundation to extend our company’s values to the communities where we operate around the world. Long before “sustainability” or “corporate social responsibility” became business terms, Alcoans understood the importance for Alcoa to earn a social license to operate. Without the trust, dialogue and collaboration of successful public-private partnerships, Alcoa would not be the thriving global company we are today.

Today we are engaged with our communities and contributing to society like never before. Alcoa Foundation has created robust partnerships that improve the environment and educate and prepare individuals for careers in science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) and manufacturing. Going far beyond dollars, we strengthen nonprofits and communities by contributing our time, expertise and products. In 2012, I am proud that Alcoa:

  • contributed $21.5 million to more than 3,000 nonprofits around the world;
  • engaged an astounding 60 percent of our employees in our worldwide Month of Service;
  • supported 12,000 Alcoans in group volunteering events that they organized for smaller, community-based organizations;
  • directed over $9 million towards environmental programs that recycled millions of pounds of aluminum, greened communities with a million trees, and taught individuals to reduce their environmental footprint by using less water and energy; and
  • dedicated $4.5 million towards STEM and Workforce Development initiatives that reached 200,000 students and teachers.

Even with all of this progress, we know that that there is still much to be done. Alcoa Foundation, together with our employees and nonprofit partners, is ready to take on the next environmental and educational challenges faced by our communities. We remain committed to plant 10 million trees, to increase recycling rates and to help prepare the young men and women who will be next generation of leaders and manufacturers. Alcoa has thrived for 125 years while fulfilling our commitments to society; we intend to build on that success by helping to shape the future of our communities. It’s part of the Alcoa DNA and it’s the driving force of our company’s vision – Alcoa: Advancing Each Generation.
Klaus Kleinfeld
Klaus Kleinfeld, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Alcoa

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If someone asked me to express Alcoa’s vision – advancing each generation – with a picture, I think this photo would be a strong contender. Taken by Claudia Mifano, it conveys how Alcoa Foundation engages our partners and employees to improve the environment and educate tomorrow’s leaders for independence and success. As Klaus Kleinfeld mentions in his letter, 2012 marked a very special occasion for Alcoa Foundation: we celebrated our 60th anniversary.

We have invested $570 million since the Foundation opened its doors and expanded how we think about philanthropy to evolve with the needs of the communities we serve. A few examples of how we’ve strengthened the way we operate:

  • We leverage all of our resources – financial contributions, products , assets, people and networks;
  • We’ve narrowed our focus to make a bigger impact in the areas where we believe we can make a difference with our resources – environment and education;
  • We think in terms of building relationships, not making transactions, to add sustainable value to our partners and stakeholders;
  • We clearly define success and measure the impacts of every investment we make.

In the following pages, we let the words and images of our people and partners bring to life how we are executing on these fundamentals. From planting breadfruit trees in Jamaica to recycling aluminum on U.S. university campuses to teaching students about science in Russia, we hope you will see a common thread that does not change with the times: our passion for giving back and making a difference. Wherever you look around the world, Alcoans are eager to apply to their communities the same enthusiasm they have for their work – whether it’s during Month of Service, Green Works environmental weeks, or Alcoa “dollars for doers” programs like ACTION, Bravo! and Alcoans in Motion.

Albert Einstein once said, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Alcoa Foundation, along with Alcoa’s 60,000 employees and our many partners around the world will build upon our accomplishments of the last six decades to continue our pursuit of a healthier environment and stronger communities. We can picture it!


Paula Davis

Paula Davis, President, Alcoa Foundation

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Alcoa Foundation’s assets are considered to be a perpetual pool of capital. The objective of the investment strategy is to preserve the real (inflation-adjusted) value of the assets to maintain the real value of its program spending over the long term to support the goal of contributing 5 percent of the value of its assets each year. The Alcoa Foundation’s assets were $460 million at year-end 2012.

The portfolio's investment strategy has been revised over the last few years to reduce and diversify the investment risk taken to achieve our long-term objective via increasing both asset class and risk factor diversification. The strategy revisions are expected to increase the probability of achieving our long-term investment objectives while reducing the risk of experiencing large short term portfolio draw downs. Specifically, we meaningfully reduced the allocation to public equities and increased the allocation to macro and equity long/short hedge fund strategies, US inflation protected securities and long duration US Treasury securities.

The revised investment strategy helped us to generate a strong 2012 investment return of 9.7% which outperformed our internal performance benchmark by 0.8%. We generated strong returns across all asset classes. Over the past two years, the investment strategy changes have enhanced our investment return by 2.7% which preserved $14 million of the Foundation's total corpus.

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