Alcoa employees give very generously of their time. We salute them and are happy to support their grassroots efforts.



Alcoans who donate 50 hours or more of their time per year with a local nonprofit can earn a $500 grant for that organization.


Bravo! recognition and funding encourages Alcoa employees to stay connected with their community – it’s a great way to give back. Bravo! volunteers support everything from health and social welfare organizations to educational, environmental, cultural and civic charitable institutions. Their efforts help strengthen these local organizations and bring a spirit of grassroots sustainability to the community.


We’re very proud of our volunteers. We’d like you to read some of their stories:



Joceni Pereira Paes, Juruti Mine - Railroad & Port Production, volunteered with Prefeitura Municipal de Juruti, helping to revitalize the city square and promote safety by cleaning and painting pedestrian crossings and joining an educational blitz on traffic.


“The greatest reward is the gratitude from sharing what I know and also learning from the experiences of others. It is an incomparable joy to see the smiles of children and to help those in need.”



Olga Razzhivina, Quality Director at Belaya Kalitva devoted 50 hours of her time to improve the facilities at Buratino Kindergarten. She is also passionate about supporting the elderly and planting trees.


Olga said that the best pastime for her is to do something to help other people. It is also a satisfying for her to plant trees because she sees it as her personal footprint on the planet and her contribution to a better environment.

United Kingdom

Catherine Smith of Alcoa Howmet Exeter has been a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) ambassador for 15 years. She secured a $90,000 Alcoa Foundation grant to fund an outdoor classroom and science equipment, to aid in teaching about environmental sustainability. 


“This will make such a huge difference to the St. Peter’s Primary School students and other schools that are invited to use the facility. The project has all been about trying to capture and maintain from an early age an interest in STEM topics by using innovative teaching.”