Workforce development

Education empowers people and opens doors to great careers. We’re creating opportunities with rewarding educational and job training programs.

employees in classroom


In France, we are helping train students for careers in manufacturing by having them actually do it.


The jobs of the future will require workers all over the world to upgrade their skills. To prepare the communities in which Alcoa operates to be globally competitive, the Alcoa Foundation is focusing on projects that provide education and training opportunities in engineering and manufacturing. Every day, we’re helping people set the stage for self-sufficiency in an increasingly challenging world.


American Corporate Partners



We’re proud to sponsor and participate directly with American Corporate Partners, a nationwide U.S. mentoring program dedicated to helping veterans transition to the civilian workforce. The non-profit group achieves its goals through mentoring, career counseling, and networking with professionals from some of America's top corporations and selected universities.


Alcoa volunteers from New York, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Houston, and other locations will mentor 40 to 50 young veterans for one year. Mentoring will provide these returning servicemen and servicewomen with a solid plan to translate the leadership and technical skills they gained in the military into employment opportunities and meaningful careers.


Engineers Without Borders



The Millennial generation wants to pursue careers in which they can "do well by doing good." The three-year partnership provides engineers and engineering students with opportunities to apply their knowledge on social impact projects. To date, more than 150 engineering students leveraged their skills in community-based projects located in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, India, Kenya and Nicaragua. The impact of students’ time and expertise will result in an improved quality of life for an estimated 7,000 people. Examples of projects include rainwater catchment and dam repair, solar water heaters, applied technology and vocational-educational opportunities, and renewable energy.

The Millennial generation wants to pursue careers in which they can "do well by doing good." That spirit of social responsibility burns bright in the form of a desire to engage in work that directly benefits people around the world.


The Alcoa Foundation is partnering with Engineers Without Borders to provide engineers and engineering students with opportunities to apply their knowledge in a meaningful way. We’re finding opportunities for them to team with local nonprofit organizations in Australia, Brazil, Canada and the U.S. on projects with a positive social impact.


The Manufacturing Institute



America’s community colleges are a valuable resource, offering high quality skills training and certification in high-demand fields. The Alcoa Foundation is helping to support efforts to build a stronger, more employable workforce through them.


We’re partnering with The Manufacturing Institute to support certification programs in career areas where strong employment opportunities exist. The program collaborates with employers to give students and the under-employed a chance to obtain post-secondary education credentials. The ongoing initiative has been expanded to help returning veterans make the transition to the civilian workforce, opening up opportunities in skilled trades and operations.


ICAM Toulouse Production School



In Toulouse, France, 25 students are learning about manufacturing careers by actually making products for real customers. It’s an Alcoa Foundation-sponsored initiative that’s giving these young people a chance to learn by doing in a unique way.


Not only do the participants take part in real-world production, they benefit from direct customer engagement. The clients provide feedback about their satisfaction and the quality of the products so the students get a true sense of how good their work truly is. Two thirds of the training is hands-on with equipment being used by manufacturers in the area, with the remaining third of the training focused on theory and concepts.


Instituto Ação Empresarial pela Cidadania



In Igarassu, Brazil, the Alcoa Foundation is helping build new businesses from the ground up by encouraging people to become entrepreneurs. We’re partnering with Instituto Ação Empresarial pela Cidadania (Corporate Citizenship Action Institute) to give 100 adults a unique opportunity to contribute to local and sustainable development. 


The training provides practical skills in addition to classroom learning about business principles. There is also an innovative twist: inclusive marketing. Local companies get involved in decisions about the products to be made. These companies in turn become customers – a way to help ensure success of the fledgling enterprises.