Environmental education

Growing concern around the loss of biodiversity and rising energy costs fuels environmental awareness and community ambassadors.

employees screening plant matter

10,000 HOURS

Alcoa employees in 21 countries engaged in Earthwatch fellowships, contributing thousands of research hours to solving sustainability challenges. 


Girl Scouts Forever Green



To mark its 100th anniversary, the Girl Scouts launched Forever Green, an environmental education program that Alcoa Foundation is sponsoring through a two-year partnership. With our help, the Girl Scouts expanded this program to 11 countries around the world. They’re working with 20 U.S. Girl Scout troops and 20 international Girl Guide member organizations to develop action projects related to reducing waste, saving energy and conserving water. 


To increase global dialogue and understanding, each U.S. council is “twinned” with an international Girl Guide organization. Each pair collaborates to develop projects and learn about environmental challenges and opportunities in other countries. Each initiative will engage a minimum of 400 local youth, reaching more than 16,000 young people altogether.


View photos of Together Greening projects on Tumblr http://togethergreening.tumblr.com/.


Earthwatch Institute



Since 2003, more than 175 Alcoa employees from 21 countries have assisted with critical environmental research and learned how their individual actions impact local surrounding environments, contributing  more than 15,000 research hours to solve some of the biggest sustainability challenges.


Alcoa Earthwatch expeditions are linked to global issues of shared importance to Alcoa and communities where its operations are centered, including climate change, global water supply and sustainability. All participants complete an environmental curriculum as part of their expedition experience. This provides them with a learning framework that connects research to issues, helping deliver meaningful impact to the environmental and economic health of local communities.





As part of a five-year partnership between Alcoa Foundation, ARIENA, Departement Environement, Water Agency and other French entities, we’re working to preserve the biodiversity of the Alsace region in France.

The project is creating technical tools to:

  • Measure biodiversity
  • Engage regional businesses in eco-friendly practices to protect natural resources
  • Educate students and community members about local flora and fauna
  • Work with municipalities on sustainable development initiatives


By leveraging ARIENA’s network of 50 educational institutions, members from numerous corporations and community volunteers, this program will reach more than 2,000 community members and protect ponds, flowered meadows, birds, orchards, bees, and many other species.

Keystone Science School



Since 1997, Alcoa Foundation has helped more than 200 educators from across the U.S. and Canada build sustainability into their science curriculums. Through environmental and scientific education workshops run by Keystone Science School, teachers learn the latest techniques on connecting conservation and sustainability lessons in the classroom with youth groups and community-based projects in the real world.


The cohort of teachers and their colleagues have benefited from the program’s continuous learning network. This network includes: live webcasts with training programs, social networking, student action projects based on the program’s key issues curriculum, participant-led training programs in schools, and participant-led workshops at a national education conference.


Our collaboration with Keystone Science School has been highly fruitful, and we are expanding it. In 2013, teachers from Australia, Jamaica and the UK will also participate in the Key Issues Institute.


Meet the teachers and view photos from the Key Issues Institute.