Alcoa Foundation Update

June 2011  -  Volume 1

Paula Davis

Message from the President

It’s our pleasure to introduce the first issue of Alcoa Foundation Update, featuring program highlights, grant deadlines, best practices and success stories around Alcoa and Alcoa Foundation’s shared sustainability themes: Environment, Empowerment, Education and Sustainable Design.  As always, we hope you will share your feedback with us and any ideas for future stories that we  can share with our important stakeholders and partners, like you.


Best regards,
Paula Davis, President, Alcoa Foundation


What's Happening Around Our Four Focus Areas and Alcoa 



Alcoa and Alcoa Foundation Conclude Green Works with Increased Global Commitment to Plant Trees and Support Environmental Projects 

Alcoa Foundation marked the end of its two-month Green Works employee volunteer environmental service program on June 21, by increasing its support to the Friends of Vatnajökull National Park in Iceland and American Forests' Global ReLeaf, two organizations committed to environmental replenishment. Green Works was created to mobilize thousands of Alcoa employees worldwide to reduce their carbon footprint, recycle to save energy and plant trees to replenish the environment.


Mined-out Lands Being Used for Green House Farming

Farmers in the Mocho Community in Clarendon, Jamaica now have full responsibility for 28 acres of mined-out land, which they are using for greenhouse farming. Alcoa’s Jamalco signed the lease agreement on Tuesday, April 5, signifying the transfer of responsibility.


There are six green houses, a training center and an irrigation system on the land. The farmers began the one-year program in September 2010. Visit Jamalco’s website to learn more about the program.


Alcoa's Sustainability Report
Alcoa has significantly reduced its carbon footprint, exceeding its 2020 goal, and was the first company to receive silver-level Cradle to Cradle® Certification for primary aluminum. The results were released with the publication of Alcoa’s 2010 Sustainability Report, which examines the company’s progress on the sustainability of its products, resources and operations. To learn more, read Alcoa’s sustainability report.



Alcoa Foundation Launches $4 Million Environmental Research Initiative in Partnership with 15 Universities and NGOs
On June 15, Alcoa Foundation launched its two-year, $4 million initiative that funds 10 global sustainability research projects. The initiative, "Advancing Sustainability Research: Innovative Partnerships for Actionable Solutions," will find answers to environmental issues that impact the quality of life and well-being of communities globally. Researchers from 15 leading universities and nongovernmental organizations will investigate issues in natural resource management, materials science and engineering, sustainable design, energy and environmental economics in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, Russia and the United States.




Alcoa Volunteers Recognize Earth Day
More than 50 Alcoa volunteers including Klaus Kleinfeld, Chairman and CEO, City Year Corps members and Central Park Conservancy staff worked to spruce up Central Park and donate recycling bins in recognition of Earth Day. Alcoa Foundation made a $50,000 grant to the Central Park Conservancy’s park-wide recycling program to purchase and maintain 20 recycling bins in the park for one year.




Young Naturalist Awards
Are dog tongues cleaner than human tongues? How do honeybees find their way home? Do baboons behave differently in the Prospect Park Zoo than in the wild? These are some of the questions that 12 student scientists explored through the American Museum of Natural History’s 14th Annual Young Naturalist Awards, a nationwide science-based research competition for kids in grades seven through 12 funded by Alcoa Foundation.



Engage kids in STEM and win a portion of a $120,000 prize
Alcoa Foundation, Carnegie Corporation of New York, The OpportunityEquation, Ashoka’s Changemakers and others are funding an online collaborative competition to unleash the talent, passion and real-world skills of experts, to engage students of all ages in rich science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning.


Compelling entries will embed shared accountability for student achievement for both the partner organization and the school in their design. Winners are eligible for more than $120,000 in cash and in-kind prizes. Entries will be accepted until 5PM EDT on August 3, 2011, and can draw from partnerships that bring STEM talent to students and teachers or can reflect new, innovative ideas or programs.


Alcoa Foundation Announces 14th Class of Teacher Scholars 

Ever wonder what teachers do when their students are on summer vacation? For the 14th year, Alcoa Foundation is sponsoring 30 teachers from 15 of its communities across the country to attend the nationally accredited, teacher professional development Key Issues Institute in Silverthorne, Colo., through a partnership with The Keystone Center.


Institute for Civic Leadership Selects 50 Future Sustainability Leaders Through the Alcoa Global Service Leaders Scholarship Program
For many students, summer is a time to go to the beach, visit amusement parks and enjoy nature. For the winners of the Alcoa Global Service Leaders Scholarship, it will also be an intense adventure in sustainability leadership. The Institute for Civic Leadership (ICL) announced that 50 students from around the world, ages 15 to 18, received scholarships from Alcoa Foundation to study and learn about leadership and service at Dwight International School (DIS) in Vancouver Island, Canada, from August 1-14, 2011. ICLs Leadership Academy hosts a total of 83 students from 21 countries.


Sustainable Design


2011 Alcoa Design Competition for Sustainable Innovation
Alcoa China announced the launch of the "2011 Alcoa Design Competition for Sustainable Innovation" in collaboration with Beijing Industrial Design Center (BIDC) on March 30 in Beijing, in celebration of the 125th anniversary of Alcoa founder Charles Martin Hall’s invention of modern aluminum technology. The competition invites design talent from China’s colleges and universities, institutions and design organizations to submit innovative aluminum applications design, showing how innovative applications of aluminum can make life better and more sustainable.


Alcoa Joins the Sustainability Consortium
Last year, Alcoa become a founding member of the Sustainability Consortium, an independent group of global organizations working to drive sustainability in products through all lifecycle stages. The consortium is composed of scientists and engineers from leading universities, governments, non-government organizations and businesses, who are working to develop lifecycle analysis tools and methodologies. Read the news release to learn more.


Alcoa to explore turning waste into product
Alcoa launched a new pilot program, in collaboration with Codexis, Inc. and CO2 Solution Inc. focused on carbon capture technology designed to sequester industrial carbon emissions, neutralizing the material to create a commercially viable product.





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Schools win $10,000 in grants as more than 8,000 students find more than 14 million pounds of potential carbon savings. Learn more.



Earn Cash for a Charity Through Recycling

Need an innovative fundraising idea? How about a recycling drive? Alcoa has an entire toolkit that can show you how to get started. Also download our recycling App for iPhone and learn how to start earning cash by recycling cans.



Meet Freedom, the Alcoa Eaglet

A pair of Bald Eagles recently joined the Alcoa Davenport community in Iowa where they built their 7-foot nest on our 400-acre facility, ready to start a family. Watch the developing eaglet as it approaches its biggest milestone yet – its first flight – in late May or early June.



Got eco-Water?

Alcoa has canned water. That’s right—water in a can! Canned water offers a variety of advantages over bottled water because it has the highest recycled content and recycling rate of any beverage container.


Plastic bottles, on the other hand, can only be recycled two to three times back into a bottle.


Canned water is available for purchase by Alcoa approved third parties like you. You can find detailed order instructions, shipping estimates, and volume price break information in the attached document.


(Available in United States only)

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