Regional Highlights of Alcoa's Month of Service


Alcoa volunteers are cleaning up local communities and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle by hosting recycling workshops.

Alcoa employees are planting trees, improving literacy, beautifying schools and community centers, and assisting the elderly.

Alcoa volunteers are hosting a blood drive, educating youth about environmental sustainability, and raising awareness about breast cancer.


Volunteers are renovating recreation centers, hosting an electronics recycling drive and collecting food for the underserved.

Alcoa employees are planting 8,000+ trees to support the Ten Million Trees initiative, beautifying elementary school classrooms, and hosting a clothing drive to distribute to underserved youth.

Volunteers are planting trees and partnering with a local primary school to work on service projects together.

United States
Alcoa employees, families and friends are delivering meals to homebound elderly, collecting and distributing books to promote literacy, and facilitating safety and disaster preparedness workshops.


Alcoa volunteers are improving housing for the elderly, encouraging recycling and cleaning a baseball park.

Alcoa employees are planting trees, improving literacy and hosting a men's mental health forum titled: “Big Boys Don’t Cry, But They Should.”

Alcoa volunteers are partnering with Junior Achievement to hold a lecture on corporate social responsibility and joining a soccer tournament to benefit nonprofit organizations.


Volunteers will collect donations for the United Way, host a blood drive and celebrate Alcoa’s 125th anniversary by planting 125 trees on Mt. Royal in Montreal.


Volunteers are renovating recreation centers, promoting safety and hosting a walk for charity.

Jamalco employees are constructing new classrooms at a school in Clarendon and participating in a 5K walk.

Employees are renovating an elementary school and promoting STEM careers at a local college.

Alcoa employees and local nonprofit organizations are partnering to collect toys for a children’s hospital in Moscow.

United States
Alcoa employees, families and friends are delivering meals to homebound elderly, promoting STEM and making blankets for cancer patients.



North America

  • In Canada, Alcoa volunteers contributed to the United Way, conducted a winter clothes drive, and prepared Thanksgiving dinner at a local soup kitchen.
  • Across the United States, Alcoa employees, families and friends planted trees, enhanced community centers, taught students about the environment, assisted the elderly, and distributed meals.



  • In China, Alcoa employees and community members picked-up trash in public spaces, shared knowledge on how to protect the environment and planted trees.
  • In Japan, Alcoa volunteers cleaned a local beach and repaired a wooden path in Kuwadori Forest.



  • In Australia, Alcoa employees renovated schools, hosted a blood drive and planted native trees.



  • In Germany, Alcoa volunteers restored a local nature trail and hosted a hazardous household waste day so employees and the community could properly dispose of waste.
  • In Iceland, Alcoa employees and community members enhanced recreational areas by gardening, painting, and cleaning playgrounds and community centers.
  • In Spain, hundreds of Alcoa employees planted trees, collected food for underserved families and cleaned the Garaitondo River and its surroundings.



  • In Russia, Alcoa employees and local nonprofit organizations
    partnered to plant trees, donate blood and refurbish a community center for underserved children.


South America

  • In Brazil, Alcoa employees held a recycling campaign and environmental activities for underserved students.
  • In Suriname, Alcoa volunteers renovated a community soccer field, and engaged local students with safety and career workshops.